Top 10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts For Female Entrepreneurs

I don't know about you but I like to fill my social media with inspiring badass women who are going to motivate, inspire and educate me. However, it can sometimes be hard to come across accounts that you really resonate with!

I have put together a list of 10 inspiring Instagram accounts that I have been loving recently and I just know you will love them too!

1. Vanessa Lau (

This girl has been my BIGGEST inspiration over the last few months. It has been amazing to watch her business flourish. She provides so much value in her Youtube videos and Insatgram captions - I literally can't get enough!

2. Melyssa Griffin (@melyssa_griffin)

I have actually taken a fair few of this girl's courses. After taking the first one (which at the time was the BIGGEST investment I had made into my blogging business!), it provided so much value I had to keep learning more from her.

If you want to follow her journey more, you should definitely head over to her Instagram.

3. Jenna Kutcher (@jennakutcher)

This girl is all about empowering women and of course I LOVE IT! She is so authentic and real and it is super refreshing.

She also runs a super cool podcast too called the Goal Digger Podcast that I am sure you will love if you enjoy her Instagram content.

4. Emma (@empoweredwithemma)

This beauty from Melbourne writes the BEST captions on her posts. Whether she is educating you or inspiring you, you will get a lot of value from following her. She is a mindset and manifestation coach (& you all know I am a Law of Attraction junkie) so I can't recommend her Instagram enough.

5. Angie Lee (@angieleeshow)

I have to admit, sales is not my strong point. I get nervous, embarrassed and feel a tad pushy. Angie Lee is a college dropout turned 7 figure entrepreneur and just like it says in her bio, she helps women not suck at sales!

6. Jasmine Star (@jasminestar)

If you want to up your social media game, this girl is the one! She is a business strategist and in my opinion she is the GO-TO for social media advice. Plus her bubbly, fun personality makes her so much more fun to follow!

7. Laura Phillips (@lauraphillipshq)

I found launches pretty stressful and scary... Until I started reading the advice this girl gives out. She motivates me so much to get through launches and get rid of all that fear involved. She is out there absolutely KILLING IT!

8. Dheandra (@dheandranicolette)

I started following Dheandra fairly recently and I am already signed up to her email list. Manifesting is a big part of my journey for me but sometimes you just need a little more support and this girl gives you exactly that!

9. Isabella (@isabella.guava)

Now this girl is an absolute business genius. Not only is she providing some of the best value on Instagram, she is also one of the kindest people I follow. I am forever seeing her engaging with other accounts and showing support.

10. Julie Theis (@_julietheis)

Last but definitely not least, this girl is the definition of self made. She really is proof that hard work does pay off and that you can achieve almost anything when you put your mind to it.

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