The Top 3 Challenges Commonly Faced By Female Entrepreneurs

No one said being an entrepreneur was easy, right?! The chances are that if you are on your journey to becoming a female entrepreneur (or maybe you already are one!), you have probably faced one of these challenges. If you haven't, you probably will.

Overcoming challenges is one of the ways we learn. It's important to look at them in a much more positive light - at least to stop us going crazy! To help you be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, it's important to have an idea as to what to expect.

1. Your Male Competition

Don't get me wrong, no matter on what gender you are, I think it is amazing if you decide to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. However, unfortunately for us girls, entrepreneurship is extremely male dominated.

Don't let this put you off, just be prepared for it! It's so inspiring for others to see women starting their own businesses even when the odds are against them and it helps us show the world how powerful us women can be.

Due to this fact, it can feel like you need to put on this aggressive business approach that fits the stereotype of a male entrepreneur. However, this isn't the case and even a lot of male entrepreneurs would even agree. The key is to be true to who you are because there will always be people out there who resonate with you and it might even help you to stand out.

2. Struggling For Respect

Women stereo-typically don't tend to be in leadership roles. I think it's time we prove them wrong since we are more than capable.

It can be pretty hard to earn the respect the trust of others (especially men) when you find yourself in a leadership role - especially the CEO of a business! One of the crucial things to work on here is believing in yourself. If you have the confidence in yourself, you aren't going to be as fazed by any hateful comments from others.

Your confidence will also show in your performance, whether it's a public talk or just through your products. Mindset is really important when it comes to business and very often under-rated. If you find yourself struggling from negative self-talk or imposter syndrome, you might be holding yourself back from your potential without even realizing.

Pay attention to your thoughts and have a think whether you really believe in yourself or whether it's something you need to work on.

3. Balancing Family Life

This one is mainly for the mompreneurs out there! There is a lot of pressure on women to do more than just have a career. There are stereotypes that suggest you are the one who should do all the housework and look after the children.

If this is what you want to do, there is no issue with it! However, it may make it a little more challenging for you to balance work and life as well as finding yourself running around hectically trying to get stuff done.

Remember, even though you are the women in the relationship, your career is just as important as your partner's. Maybe suggest sharing some of the work a little more as you try and grow your business or outsourcing a helping hand around the house if that's feasible for you.

Communication with your family will be key here. It's important that you find a good balance that works for everyone and don't let your entrepreneurial dreams be pushed to the side.


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