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My Top 3 Ways To Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

I used to struggle a lot with running out of blog post ideas because I think I was still finding my niche and trying to work out what I wanted to write about. My writing was all over the place, honestly.

I actually think one of the hardest things about being a blogger is being able to provide content so frequently and consistently. Anyone else agree??

I came up with 3 strategies that have helped me never run out of blog post ideas again even when writing around a fairly specific niche.

This isn't going to be the longest blog post in the world, but hopefully one that you find really helpful.

1. Consider Your Niche

So, we all know the importance of a niche if you want to turn this into a career or a business. Everyone (including myself) babbles on about getting specific and defining your audience.

One of the downsides that comes with a niche is you may find there is less to write about. If you are really struggling, it might be time to re-evaluate your niche to work out if it is right for you. Are you so passionate about it that you could write and write for days on this topic? Are you willing to dive deeper and deeper into your niche?

You have two options: find a new niche that you are passionate about that you could always find something to write, or broaden your niche a little. I personally would choose to slightly broaden my niche if i needed to in the future because I know I am passionate about this.

2. Keep Note Of Ideas

The best way for me is to jot them down on my phone notes. I always have my phone on me (slightly addicted!), so wherever I am I can jot notes down. Maybe you are out shopping, in a coffee shop or reading a book and you suddenly think of an idea.

One thing I do need to start doing is writing down more than just the title... Sometimes I think that I will remember what I want to write about but when it comes to it I have a complete mind blank.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favourite places to get inspired. There is never-ending blog articles!

All you need to do is type in a keyword from your topic into the search and so many ideas will come up!

Please don't copy other bloggers' ideas! Add your own twist or opinions and just use them for inspiration. If one particular post really inspired you, you could give credit to the blogger #girlssupportgirls.

Final Thoughts

Try not to stress out when you feel uninspired... It doesn't help! I find the best solution is to head out the house and do something fun and I usually come back with heaps of ideas.

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