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Interview With Kelly Ro: Using Blogging To Escape Reality

Introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about you and where we can find you on social media too!

My name is Kelly Ro (well, the name I have online...). I'm a 25 years old woman from south of France.

For the past 3 years, I've been living abroad, on a tiny island called Reunion Island. This experience changed my life and gave me enough courage to start something I've always wanted to do: start a blog and share my thoughts with others.

I fell in love with writing when I was younger and it became a way for me to escape reality or process my thoughts. I'm passionate about art (To me, it includes a lot of things: literature, photography, cinema, painting, drawing, etc...), so I always try to be creative and give life to my imagination. So, I have a few projetcs.

You can find me on twitter @That_s_K or in Instagram @that.s.k.

I have a blog there: https://shewritesherwordsblog.wordpress.com/ and a youtube channel here: bit.ly/2RdPqcf

Also, I started a small business a few months ago but it still is fragile. The goal is to raise money for charity (mental health & lgbtq+ community) with specific campains & finance others projects. I'm hoping to make it grow into something serious. In the meantime, you can find it there: https://teespring.com/stores/thats-k

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging almost 3 years ago. 

Tell us about your niche and your blog.

I don't have a specific niche. To be honest, I don't really want to put my blog in a virtual box and talk only about certain subjects. I write a lot about mental health, travel or cinema. I write fiction and poetry. But there's so many things I want to talk about. Subjects like tv shows, lgbtq+ community talks, the things I discovered and liked, books, etc...

What is the best thing about blogging for you?

The best thing about blogging is that it allows me to be myself and feel more free. When I write, I'm not scared about what others will think about me... Still, sharing a part of yourself is scary at first but you get used to it. If it matters to you, being scared is a good thing I guess.

What’s your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite social media platform is Instagram because I can share my photographs there and express myself too. In a way I couldn't before. I also love twitter because we can find a community and be a part of it.

What would say to someone interested in blogging or just starting out?

Just start now. Don't wait to be ready or to have more time. Start now. Don't compare your beginning to someone else's. It won't be perfect at first but you'll get to a point where you'll feel happy to have your own little blog. Great things take time. 

What was the most challenging thing about being a blogger for you?

The most challenging thing... That's easy. There's two things, actually. The first one is that I'm writing in English but my native tongue is French. I always have been passionate with English so it made sense for me to write in this language. Though it's not easy all the time, I'm happy to be able to do something I love.

The second challenging thing is that I had to find the courage to confront myself to the opinions of others and criticism online. It was hard at first. I was hesitant to share a blog post because I didn't know if they would like it but with time, I learnt that you can learn from a criticism as long as it is constructive. Also, the most important thing was that, as long as I was satisfied with what I wrote, it was okay. 

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

When I'm not working on my blog, I'm only working in retail. A girl has to eat. I actually want to go back to college and study a major in English literature & a minor in French literature. The goal would be to teach someday and keep writing.

Name a female blogger or business owner who inspires you and why.

Oh. There's too many... The person who inspired me the most since I found her online is Alayna Joy (@MissFenderr on twitter). She has a Youtube channel but other than that, she has an amazing course teaching self-compassion. I really recommend for you to check her out if you don't know who she is. 

What advice would you have for women wanting to start their own business? 

Hm. Tough question. There's a lot I'd want to say. Women, be the entrepreneur of your own life. Go for it. Be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry. You are capable of ding anything you set your mind to. The beginning is always the hardest. Start now. We got your back!

Anything else you want to add?

Yes, thank you! When I started this blogging journey, I never thought someone would ever read my words. A few weeks, months passed and the views on my blog started to grow.

Today, I'm almost at 200 followers. It doesn't seem like it's a big number for others but to me, it is. At first, I was writing only for myself but the, I realised that if my words can help someone too, it was worth it to keep writing. So, thank you for your support and especially thank you to this blogging community.