Interview With Aimee: Law Of Attraction & Moving To Sweden

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

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Hello beautiful people! My name is Aimee and I'm Mindset Coach for business owners! 

I have a degree in Biomedical Science but ditched the corporate life 2 years ago to follow my dreams of having a freedom based business. I haven't looked back since! I'm British, currently live in Sweden but work with people all over the world.

I am a massive freaking NERD for all things Science or the Law of Attraction. I love travelling, eating pizza and reading anything crime or personal development related!

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How did you become a mindset coach and what is the mission statement of your business?

I got into the Law of Attraction and Personal Development work around 2 years ago now and it honestly changed my life completely! My outlook on life changed massively and I started to truly enjoy being alive! It just seemed absolutely bonkers to me that it took me 24 years to become aware of all of this life changing information. To find out I'd had the tools all along to make my dreams a reality. I just couldn't keep it to myself after that!

I started as a Life Coach but soon transitioned. Most business owners get so caught up on strategy that they forget that mindset is important too. So I'm now a mindset coach for business owners!

I help Womenpreneurs work through their mind drama so that they can enjoy what they do and attract all the results they've been dreaming of.

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What challenges did you face when starting your business?

When I first started my business, fear was the main thing that came up for me. I was a Biomedical Scientist and I'd worked my whole life thus far to get there! Although I didn't enjoy it, it was secure and safe.

Starting a business, I had to work through a lot of beliefs that weren't serving me around security, what people would think and my value. It was difficult! There is no progress bar that tells you when you're mindset is at an attracting success kind of level. I just had to do the work and fully trust that all the results were coming.

But especially at the very beginning of your business, getting the mindset in check is so important because self doubt can block you hard! I know the struggle, that's why I help the people that I do now!

What is the thing you love most about your business and why?

Oh gosh. So. Many. Things! I love the freedom that it gives me and the ways that it challenges me. The thing I love most though is the fact I get to change lives. I get to empower, inspire and light up masses of women!

For me, knowing that I am helping women make their dreams come true is so so rewarding. I am forever grateful to my coach for doing that for me. So being that light in someone else's life makes my soul truly happy.

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What advice would you have for other women wanting to start a business?

I would say don't get caught up in making things look perfect, just go for it! When I started my business, all I had was an Instagram page! Fancy graphics, a website, the perfect filter for your pictures etc are all nice things but it's not why people are attracted to or buy from you. That all comes from just being yourself and providing value! 

Don't focus on what makes you feel safe, push the boundaries of your comfort zone!! Also, always remember that you are capable of ANYTHING within the scope of your imagination. This is not a dream it is your FUTURE. You are a KICK ASS business owner and you WILL be successful. Say it out loud if it helps! 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

So many other coaches and business owners inspire me! But at this moment, my biggest inspiration is my coach Carissa Johnsen.

Carissa is a business coach for coaches and she really is the perfect example that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. She doesn't skimp on value and she impacts so many people on a daily which is something I also strive for!  She doesn't just inspire either: she educates, motivates and energizes her audience!

Definitely check her out, her Instagram handle is @the.sassy.savage.

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I noticed you are into the Law of Attraction, when did you first come across it?

I actually cannot remember the fist time I came across the Law of Attraction. But I do remember the moment I decided to pursue it. As a scientist, I was always a massive skeptic of all the spiritual woo - If it wasn't backed by science, I didn't give it the time of day.

I remember one day complaining about it in some capacity to my boyfriend and him saying 'The Law of Attraction is a real thing you know.' He is also a scientist and has a very evidence based brain so this really motivated me to look into it a bit further to see what all the fuss was about!

Since then I have found the Science behind the Law of Attraction, implemented the practices in my own life, created free guides, and fully integrated the Law of Attraction into my coaching practice! 

Do you have any success stories you want to share about the Law of Attraction?

Oh I have a tonne.

When I first moved to Sweden I had no income, a temporary home and enough savings to last me 2 months.

  • I have manifested an apartment in a town where the waiting lists are over a year long.

  • I manifested dog walking clients when I couldn't get a job in Sweden (people literally stopped me on the street to get my contact details for dog walking).

  • I manifested the money for a trip to California to improve my business! 

When you really surrender to the Universe, amazing things happen! But if you're going to get started, I would start small. The big manifestations are great and exciting and the things people really want to hear about but the principles of the Law of Attraction really do just improve your mood and life experience on a simple daily basis.

Before I started, I was a right Negative Nancy! My relationships were strained, I didn't enjoy life, I was just getting by and I was stuck in a cycle of focusing on and receiving things that made me unhappy! Now, I'm truly thriving, every day is an adventure!

Learning to shift your thoughts in way that makes you feel better each day, it attracts more positive experiences into your life in general. That's the real transformation! 

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Anything else you want to add?

Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. Always remember that when you're in a tough spot. There is always an opportunity to grow and learn from hard times.

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