How To Be The Confident, Independent Girl Boss You Are Every Day

Confidence is one of the most common issues that female entrepreneurs (and everyone else!) faces in their lifetime. It can get in the way of reaching your full potential and becoming your who you really want to be.

We can sit here and blame everything and everyone for that being the case, however, we would just be wasting time. We need to take action to overcome this.

Use these 5 tips to become a more confident girl boss:

1. Consider who you surround yourself with.

You want to be encircled by positive people with similar, proactive mindsets like yourself. When you have an amazing support network you aren’t afraid for things to go wrong and you are willing to take those risks.

You know that no matter what, your tribe will be there for you… just like you will be there for them. Cut any relationships that seem toxic and bring negativity to your life. You only want to be around people lifting you up.

2. Improve Your Skills.

If there is a specific area which you are feeling a little less confident about, work on that area. Upgrade your skillset to the point where you know it so well, you have practiced so many times, you have nothing to worry your clever mind about!

Take an online course, watch a Youtube video, read a book…. Whatever works for you!

3. Start writing affirmations day and night.

If you lack confidence, it’s likely to be a mental issue. A mindset shift might be all you need to get you back on track to be the ultimate girl boss.

Every morning and night write down in your journal 5 affirmations. These need to be personal to you.

You might write ‘I have all the successful skills I need for success’. Choose some which you personally relate with.

4. Get Out Your Comfort Zone.

The more you really push yourself to step out of your comfort zone, the more those things that used to scare you will start becoming the norm.

Honestly, what is the worst that could happen?!

Self doubt is a horrible thing but if you can push yourself a tiny bit each day to take a step out of your comfort zone you will soon see yourself taking leaps without even a speck of stress.

5. Start Dressing Like It

This will be slightly different for everyone! If you want to be more confident, make the effort to dress in the clothes you love and the clothes you feel best in.

Personally, when I have my heels on…. DAMN. No one is getting in my way. Hair extensions in, makeup looking fab, my favorite handbag on my arm. When I am dressed in the way that I feel the most sassy and comfortable (the most myself!), it changes my attitude completely.

Right, so lets stop letting ANYTHING get in our way and become the person we really want to become. Nothing should be standing in your way of what you want to do… especially yourself. Don’t hold yourself back.

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