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Blogging Tips That Will Leave Your Readers Wanting More!

Hello blogger babes! So, you’re interested in keeping your readers interested in your content? Well I have some tips for you! My name is Madison Rolley and I am a college student doubling as a blogger and influencer covering fashion, lifestyle and travel!

Although I specialize in Instagram, where you can find me @madisonrolley, creating content is what I love and what I know.

While juggling school and a full-time job, I spend my free time content creating, engaging, analyzing and researching so I can stay relevant and ahead of the game. So, weather you are just starting out, or have been on the blogging game for a while, I hope that you will find this informative and helpful!

Understand your audience

Truly understanding who makes up your audience is the number one reason your readers will come back! When I first started creating content I fell into the trap of thinking that my audience was one group when it was completely another! There are a few reasons why you might not be writing to the right audience.

If you are writing for yourself, that is great, however the people reading may not be as interested or invested. If you are writing to the people that you follow, this is also fine, but the people you are following may not be the people that are following you and engaging with your content!

To figure out your audience you need to first look at who is engaging with you when you post about a new blog! Try to collect data on these people! Are they 17 or 45? Are they engaging with your fashion posts or the posts with you around town? This might give you more of a clue as to what you should be writing about more!

What advice would your friends ask you?

If you are starting out or trying to re-evaluate what direction you want to take your content, you should ask your friends and family what they would come to you for advice on! This is a great way to gain insight on what you should write about!

If your friends ask you to help pick out their clothes, then maybe you should write about how to style what is already in your closet! Or if you are great at editing and your friends are always sending you their photos to edit, then maybe you should write on best editing practices!

Most of the time, when you are just starting to write, your family and friends will be your audience. So, ask them questions to gain insight on what they will want to read!

Would you want to read what you are writing?

Once, or even before you start writing, you should really think about if the topic is something you would want to read about. If you wouldn’t want to read it, why would your audience? Would what your writing seems like a waste of time to your reader? Because if that is a possibility, your reader will most likely click away and never look back!

I try to think about things I would likely look up then do a little research about what is already out there to see where you can provide value!

Another good tip might be to section off your blog with sub headings, so your reader can do and easy glance over to see if you have the information they are looking to read! You don’t want your time to be wasted and neither do your readers!

Tell a story

To make your reader’s want to hit that subscribe button, it helps if they are looking forward to what you plan to post next! Break your content up so that you are sharing only bit’s and pieces at a time and giving them little teasers, so they have to wait till the next post goes live to find out the answer! This is similar to having a TV series that you can’t just binge stream, like the bachelor! Not only will your readers want more, but this method can also help you create content faster while still maintaining the high-level quality that is so important for growth!

Engagement is not a Weakness

So many bloggers and influencers don’t take the time to engage and respond to their followers. I think this is one of the most important things to achieve blogging success and a loyal following.

As a blogger your followers are looking for advice and incite about a topic important to them. When your followers feel like they have a relationship with you and that they could come to you for questions, they are more likely to keep reading and engaging with your content! Just like I will now offer to you to email me or DM my Instagram with questions you may have about this piece or myself.

It is important for your followers to feel like you are there to answer their questions! This also could help you to know what people like, want to see, and read! So, don’t let your ego hold you back, and take the time to get to know your audience!

Catch the trend before it’s old news

No mater what your blogging niche is, there are always trends constantly happening in your genera! Once you see one emerging, hop on it right away! Not only will your readers be more likely to click on something they see trending, but whatever it is, it’s trending for a reason! Hop on it quick so your post won’t be old news or won’t get the viewership that you are hoping for.

I hope you gained value from this blog post and are as excited to watch the Fierce Female Society grow! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have via Instagram (@madisonrolley) or by email (maddierolley8@gmail.com) !


Madison Rolley