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70 Blog Post Ideas

This is a guest post from the Boss Babe Chronicles. Find her links at the bottom of the page.

Becoming a blogger is awesome. You are full of blog post ideas and seem to type 400 words per minute when you’re inspired.

But what happens when that dreaded writer’s block hits you? When you promised your audience to have a post up the next day and you have NO idea what to write?

I think all bloggers have gone through this once, twice, or many times in their blogging journeys. It’s normal, and to be expected.

And that's when posts like this come in handy!

I’ve compiled a list of a whopping 70 blog post ideas you can choose from when you aren’t feeling inspired. 

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1. Monthly favorites (makeup, clothes, music)

2. Top relationship advice 

3. Favorite Amazon finds 

4. A day in the life 

5. Morning/evening routine

6. _ ways to cheer up 

7. _ things you learned in _ years 

8. Best blogging tips 

9. How to have a successful day 

10. How to improve your mindset

11. How to practice gratitude 

12. Ways to lessen stress 

13. Mistakes I made in my life/blog/business 

14. Monthly reads 

15. Favorite self-development books 

16. How to have a stay-cation

17. Daily makeup look

18. Red flags to look for in a relationship 

19. Motivational quotes 

20. How to simplify your life

21. How to get rid of toxic people 

22. Ways to deal with stress 

23.  How to have a self-care Sunday 

24. Sunday habits for a successful week 

25. How to wake up early 

26. Favorite healthy recipes 

27. Healthy living tips 

28. Review of a makeup/skincare product

29. Ways to deal with negative family members 

30. What to watch on Netflix

31. Podcasts worth listening to 

32. List of empowering songs 

33. Ways to cheer somebody up

34. DIY gifts for friends/family/significant other 

35. How to feel confident every day 

36. How to minimize self-doubt 

37. How to manage your time

38. How to become organized 

39. Favorite feel-good movies 

40. How to handle rejection

42. Self-care tips 

43. Cleaning/organizing guide

44. Ways to be more mindful

45. Small acts of kindness 

46. What to expect in your first months of blogging 

47. How to simplify your style

48. How to declutter

49. What to do when you are in a blogging rut

50. Habits you need to cut out of your life

51. How to be assertive but not mean

52. Ways to make friends at the office 

53. What NOT to do at work

54. How to do a life audit

55. Your favorite workout programs

56. Your favorite bloggers to follow

57. Your favorite Instagram influencers to follow

58. Ways to look more put together 

59. Positive affirmations 

60. Positive lifestyle changes 

61. How to improve productivity 

62. Where to buy affordable clothes online 

63. Best budgeting hacks 

64. Journal prompts 

65. Things to remember in your relationship 

66. How to achieve your goals

67. Unique bucket list ideas 

68. Fun hobby ideas 

69. How to have a no-spend weekend 

70. Blog post ideas

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I'm super excited to be a part of the Fierce Female Society and hopefully, this isn't the last you see of me here. Special thanks to Minnie for this amazing opportunity!