6 Ways You Can Start To Build A Community With Your Blog

As many of you are already aware, I have just launched this new community - the FIERCE FEMALE SOCIETY!

You bet that I am so excited to build a community of bloggers and other fierce females.

There will be influencers, vloggers, business owners and bloggers for everyone to interact with, ask questions and promote their own content.

If used to it's full potential, this could be a really valuable platform for you all. You can stay updated on the Instagram www.instagram.com/fiercefemalesociety and the Twitter www.twitter.com/FierceFSociety.

I know a lot of you are interested in building a community in your niche too! I think that's amazing and 1000% I will encourage you to go for it. However, this launch hasn't been easy. I struggled to find resources to help me on the internet and had to basically just wing it!

That's why I want to share some knowledge I have learnt so far so that you can build your own community....

1. Interact With Other Blogs & Show Support

One of the most valuable things you can do that benefits not only yourself but others too, is it interact and engage within your industry. I kind of did this already I guess... I love reading other blog posts anyway but I make even more of a conscious effort to let people know my thoughts on their posts and just tell them what a great job they did when I feel like I really gained value from them.

The biggest mistake you can make here is being spammy. No one wants spam everywhere... Don't tell someone you loved their post if you haven't even bothered to read it. You will soon find they will notice you are lying and lose a lot of respect for you.

I feel like this actually requires quite a big mindset shift. In order to do this effectively, you need to stop seeing others as competition. Even stop seeing them as potential customers to some extent. You need to genuinely want to show support and love to others and want to see their businesses flourish.

There is room for all of us in this world. Remember that.

2. Show Personality

It can seem pretty scary being vulnerable on the internet. As much as so many good things come from the world wide web, not everyone using it is always as friendly.

However, in order for your audience to resonate with you, you need to show them all aspects of being you. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Don't be afraid to do this. You will find that your true audience will be more than supportive. The friendships that blossom from this are key to building a community.

3. Focus On Friendships

I don't actually like using the word 'followers'. I mean, technically, there is nothing wrong with using it... This is just a personal preference.

Everyone who has helped support my community and my business, is a friend to me. I talk to them like friends because that's how I see them. That's even how I see you right now reading my blog post.

Don't treat them like 'followers'. It will be rather annoying for them if you are acting like you are above them. The clearly enjoy your content and like you and it's great that you are providing them with this value, however, they help you too. Without them, you would struggle to succeed.

4. Don't Just Beg For Money & Sales

If you find yourself constantly pushing sales, your audience is going to feel a bit used. It won't come across very genuine.

Remember that even the members of your audience who don't by your products are still supporting you in other ways. For example, they are there spreading the good word about your business and liking your posts to show support.

If they feel like all you want is sales, it's probably not going to work out. I completely understand you need to 'sell' in order to be successful in business. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion. All I am suggesting is that you don't make it the only thing you are about.

This is actually why I wanted the 'Fierce Female Society' to be free to join. There is not a single thing on there currently that you can even spend money on if you wanted to! Don't get me wrong, I will probably be selling products in the future. However, for now, it's all about community and friendships.

5. Reply To Comments

If someone leaves you a comment on your social media, blog, etc, take the time to reply. They took the time to leave a comment so it only makes sense you don't ignore them.

If you are basically Kim K level, this might be a little harder as you may find you have A LOT of comments. However, there is still no excuse not to try your best to respond to as many as possible. If you don't, people might not comment again and they also won't build up that trust and relationship with you.

6. Find Somewhere Everyone Can Interact

It's important in your community to have somewhere everyone can, well, be a community. Whether that's a forum on your website, a common hashtag, a Facebook group or even a group chat. By allowing your audience to feel connected, you will get much more rewarding results.

The way I am doing this with Fierce Female Society is mainly the forum on the website. Every member can post and they can also follow other members to stay up to date with what they are posting.

I also have a hashtag #FIERCEFEMALESOCIETY which I encourage people to use so that we can easily find others who are part of this community.

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