5 Simple Steps To Overcome Perfectionism As A Female Entrepreneur

Perfectionism is one of the most common things I see holding people back from achieving their dreams, goals and ambitions. It usually means we struggle to finish anything or even start anything because we want everything to be faultless.

I want to share a few simple steps that helped me so that you can overcome perfectionism too - and finally finish that project you have been working on!

Recently, I suffered from perfectionism when it came to starting my Youtube... I didn't want to start till I moved to a nicer house for a backdrop or until I ordered good lighting or had a good camera. Now I am consistently posting to Youtube (check it out here!) simply by filming on my iphone working with the backdrop I have.

5 Ways To Overcome Perfectionism

1. 'Good Enough'

Let's start this off with one of the more obvious ones (yet incredibly over looked!)... I am not saying don't put your full effort in that the project deserves and leave faults that could easily be fixed, however, discover where the task is done 'good enough' instead of being perfect.

If we are constantly aiming for everything to be perfect, it will take us forever to finish a task. We will become inefficient and unproductive. The unimportant details don't always matter if it means getting it done in a reasonable time schedule.

Find a balance that works best for the task. Some tasks might require more attention than others...

2. Consider What/Who You Surround Yourself With

If you are surrounding yourself with perfectionist people or books, podcasts and articles preaching unrealistic perfectionist habits, you are going to be heavily influenced by this and this will make the struggle to overcome it much harder.

I am not saying ditch close friends and family but distance yourself until you have better control over your own habits or encourage them to try and overcome perfectionism with you! #teamwork!

3. Re-evaluate Your Standards

The chances are, if you are struggling with perfectionism, you have CRAZZZY high standards. I get that! However, it is time to re-evaluate these standards you have for yourself. By confirming to yourself that they are a little too high, you will be able to comfortably lower them a little.

Take a look at the people around you doing similar...What are there standards like?

Compare these standards to the costs involved in achieving them to help you work out whether they might need a little adjustment.

4. Consider The Outcome

For the sake of 2000 hours of proof reading to only discover one grammatical error, are the consequences that bad?

Be realistic about this... what actually is the worst that could happen?

People make mistakes and that's completely normal. I type so fast that I am sure you find plenty in some of my blog posts! The majority of the time, people overlook small errors because we all make them. It's completely normal.

5. What Is The Ideal Outcome?

You might be thinking that you don't need anymore thought put into the ideal outcome as that is what you stress about already. However, consider what the ideal outcome is and then use it as a guideline.

Using this ideal as an outline might help you to relieve some of the pressure of achieving it as a goal. It also might reduce some of the guilt you feel if you don't quite achieve it.

Focus on progressing towards your goal more than the final achievement by thinking of them only as guides to show you the direction you are aiming for.

Perfectionism is incredibly common to suffer from... Lots of us do! However, the guilt and stress it can cause isn't worth the high quality outcome. It also tends to mean we don't get enough done which may only stress us more! Start taking action towards coming to terms with perfectionism.

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