5 Of The Most Profitable Blog Niches In 2019

Choosing your niche can seem pretty stressful and overwhelming... I actually was incredibly reluctant to choose a niche despite knowing the benefits of doing so. When I finally did get specific and choose my niche, my business started to kick off 1000x better than it was previously.

How Do You Choose Your Blog Niche?

Your blog niche needs to combine 3 components: passion, demand and profitability. You will hear these 3 words everywhere when researching blogging or reading blog posts from a blogger coach like me.


Firstly, you need to be passionate about your niche so you will commit to consistently writing about it and constantly learning about it. There are going to be peaks and troughs in your journey... Without this passion, you will soon find it hard to keep up the motivation during some of the hard times.

You also need to be on top of the latest news and trends surrounding your niche. If you don't enjoy your chosen topic, this isn't going to be fun but if you love your niche, you are going to love finding out more about it. The chances are, you research it for free anyway as you enjoy it.


Secondly, there needs to be some kind of market demand for your niche. I personally believe there is a demand for almost every single niche out there because if you are passionate about it, it's likely someone else is too!

However, I won't deny and say that some niches have more demand than others.

There are pros and cons to this though. A niche with a smaller market demand will probably have less competition making you stand out to your ideal reader building a very loyal fan base for your blog. A niche with a larger demand means you will have lots of people searching for your kind of content, however, you will find there are lots more competitor blogs.

This means both can be great for success in their own ways. Not only do you need to find out what works best for you, you need to know there is at least some demand out there. There doesn't necessarily need to be other bloggers in your niche, but there does need to be people who are passionate enough to want to read about it.


I really believe in having multiple income streams when it comes to blogging. For example, you might be a coach, do affiliate marketing and run ads.

For the ideal blog niche to turn into a career for you, there needs to be scope to make money. No business works without generating some revenue.

If you want to blog as a hobby, this isn't so important but if you are reading this, I am assuming you would love this to be a career or at least a side hustle.

Before committing to your niche, consider possible ways to monetize or get advice from a coach as to whether they can see potential money making paths you could follow.

Making Your Decision

One of the most valuable things you can consider is what niches are proven to be profitable. If you just really aren't sure but you love to write and want to make some money, I would recommend considering some of the ones on this list.

5 Profitable Blog Niches

1. Business & Marketing

I think you will find this one at the top of most people's lists. We have seen so many entrepreneurs and bloggers become incredibly successful from this niche.

If you do choose this niche, you do need to get specific about what area of business and marketing because you will find yourself up against some seriously clever people. However, don't let that put you off because there is plenty of space for you to break into the industry and make money.

The best thing about this niche is the ability to sell high ticket products. Whether you sell services like business coaching or courses, people are happier to invest money in something they know will have a good RIO (return on investment).

You need to invest in your business to make money so people will be much more at ease handing their money over to you relying you are providing them with some amazing value.

The best thing I like about this niche, is it helps me to learn more about business and marketing myself. No one will ever know everything... You can always be learning and these are some of the most valuable skills to know.

2. Food

I mean, who doesn't love food?! With the constantly growing trends surrounding keto diets, paleo and much more, food is always a popular one.

The downside to this niche is that you tend to rely on advertising and sponsorships which means it can take a bit of patience before bringing in the big bucks. However, it is still possible to do from the start with the scope you have regarding online products (especially eBooks).

Coming from someone who isn't the best cook in the world, I spend my life on Google searching for this kind of thing and a lot of others do the same.

There is also a lot of brands you can work with in this niche and they love working with bloggers! This means that there is so much room for high price sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

3. Health & Fitness

The fitness industry has literally taken over the world (and I love it!). Everyone loves being healthy and there is so many people wanting to find out more about how they can improve their lifestyle.

There is many ways to make money in this niche. Most people start off with affiliate marketing but I believe that the money lies in having your own products. Maybe you offer a coaching guide or access to an app? Or get your own booty bands like Grace Fit UK?

This is definitely a competitive niche at the moment which can make things tricky but if you stay on top of the latest trends, you can really make some money in this niche.

4. Fashion

Social media is becoming more and more visual. People love photos and videos because they are pleasing to the eye are pretty easy to consume in a short space of time.

This makes fashion perfect!

Fashion also gives you the chance to really show off your own style and personality making it much easier to stand out from the crowd. Plus, you will never run out of brands to work with because brands are putting aside a bigger budget every year for both blogger and influencer marketing.

I do believe there is a lot of money in fashion, but less scope for higher priced products such as coaching and consulting.

5. Travel

I don't know about you but I love to read travel blogs - they really are my favourite! They can be visual and appealing to almost anyone!

Plus, you can always put your own spin on a travel blog. You might visit the same country as someone else but you didn't necessarily do the same things or have the same opinion. If I am off on holiday somewhere, I like to have as many opinions as possible and I head to Google to find them.

This can make SEO a dream for travel bloggers!

Travel blogging is one of the more fun niches as you will be surprised with how many opportunities pop up because brands know that people base their travel destinations on what's trending or what others are loving.

As much as there is less scope for digital products, you have scope to make money by showing others how they can make an income while travelling just like you are. This is the dream for a lot of people and you will have potential clients in your DMs constantly.

Travel blogging does require a large up front cost because before you can start blogging you need to start travelling! Travelling can get pretty costly before brands start paying for your stays and plane journeys.

What's Next?

Have you finally decided on a niche? It's time to write down at least 30 ideas for blog posts to make sure you know you have enough to write about. Keep it pretty specific.

The best way to do this is to come up with your ideal reader in the form of an avatar. Give them a name and write down what interests they have, their income, their age and what social media they use.

You then want to target every single piece of content at something you know they want to read. This makes you blog magnetizing!

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