10 Morning Habits Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs

It's no secret that a lot of the most successful people have a strict morning routine. As your business grows, you will find yourself trying to fit more and more into your day - having good morning habits will help you do this.

What is it that you can't live without doing in the morning?

We recommend adding these morning habits into your day to make sure you are feeling productive, efficient and ready to conquer the world!

1. Visualize Your Day

As soon as you wake up, take a moment to be aware of your thoughts. Use this time to visualise how you want your day to play out. Go through every single detail of the perfect day in your mind to give you more focus and clarity.

Personally, I like to write this down. It's important to write it like it's already happened or is currently happening to manifest the day of your dreams.

2. Get Dressed

The chances are a lot of you, like myself, work from home. This can mean that it is pretty damn tempting to have a PJ day, every single day (guilty of this!).

However, when we make the effort to put on a killer outfit (even if it is just sweatpants!), we feel more productive and it shifts our mind from sleep mode to work mode.

3. Plan Your Day

By doing this, you can work out what tasks are the most important. It is then important to get these tasks done within the first 3 hours of your day when you feel like you have the most motivation and energy.

Spend some time writing a to-do list and consider how long you want to spend on each task - always block out time for a break and lunch!

4. Move Your Body

You have just been lay still all night - it's time to get moving! This will be somewhat personal to you... For example, some people wake up and run 5 miles but this would never work for me (partly because I probably can't run 5 miles!).

I find what works best for me is to do some light yoga. If i have more time, I will do an hour flow or go to a class, if I have a lot to do that day or I am in a rush, I just hop on Youtube and do a quick 10 minute flow.

5. Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

You need to fuel your body to get the most out of it. You haven't eaten allll night so it's time to put some food in your body.

In the morning, I think it's essential to have something healthy and energizing. It's a great way to start your day the right way and sets the intention to follow it throughout the day.

I like to have porridge with some fruit and honey (or chocolate spread for a treat!). What do you have for breakfast?

6. Check Your Diary

It can be easy to forget appointments when you spend your life rushing around without a set routine each day. Make it a habit to check what you have planned for the day at some point during your morning routine so you can fit your do-list around that.

By working out what's set in stone and what you can be more flexible with, it is easier to set goals and intentions for the day.

7. Be Grateful

No one wants to start their day moody because this will probably end up consuming your whole day. By waking up and listing 3 things you are grateful for, you will transform your mood.

What are 3 things you are grateful for? Did your partner cook you dinner last night or maybe you are grateful for your friend finding time to catch up with you? Whatever it is, write down 3 things every morning.

8. Don't Check Your Phone Straight Away

Don't get me wrong, I always check my emails and social media in the morning.. However, I don't make it the first thing I do. By checking your phone, you can wake up and start to feel immediately stressed and pressured before your day has even began.

It can also be easy to get lost scrolling through social media and lose track of time and before you know it, you have lay in bed for the last 2 hours.

9. Plan Some Self Care

Whether you are going to take yourself out for lunch or put on a face mask and drink a glass of wine, schedule it into your day so you don't neglect it! It's important to try and put a little self care into every day to take care of your mind and body.

Sometimes this could be something big like a spa day or booking a trip away, or it could be as simple as spending some time curled up with your favorite book and a hot chocolate.

10. Hydrate

Before you even make that cup of coffee, drink a whole glass of water! Your body will be dehydrated from not drinking over night, it is important to hydrate it as soon as you wake up.

The best way to do this personally, is to have a glass of water ready by your bedside for when you wake up!

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